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28 Aug

Seattle Coffee


Tuesday evening, the 19th, we pedaled our way right into downtown Seattle. By a happy coincidence we’d met a young couple a few days before who had invited us to stay at their house in Seattle, just south of the center of town, when we arrived in the city. * So we followed the many, winding bike paths that snake through the city and arrived at Lace’s door around 7:15. Read More

29 Jul

Mighty Montana

The past few days of riding through Montana have been rough. The hills, the mountain passes and most of all the wind have been trying. I said to Andy when we finished riding on Saturday that I felt like I’d been beat up. It feels like it’s been a constant struggle to keep up any kind of decent pace, sometimes even when we’re on a downhill. My legs feel constantly worn out and my lungs are sore from breathing in so deeply the dry air as we struggle up mountains. We’ve been amazed at the cross-winds and head-winds we’ve been experiencing on a daily basis. There was one afternoon we caught the most wonderful tail-wind that carried us along. We went for 6 miles, coasting at 22-28mph, without pedaling! It was glorious. But then imagine that same wind that pushed us along so nicely being, more often than not, a head-wind that you’re constantly battling.

The mountains too are a work out. We’ve climbed over at least one pass a day since we left West Yellowstone, some days two. Coming out of Ennis on Friday we climbed up for 7 miles. Saturday we had two passes to get over in order to make it to Wisdom; the Badger Pass, a 5 mile climb, and the Big Hole Pass, a 6 miler, with an elevation of 7,400 at the peak. And the next day we had just a 4 mile climb up the Chief Joseph Pass to make out way to Gibbonsville, Idaho where Andy’s cousin Anthony lives.

The trade off, of course, is that it’s gorgeous out here! The land is simply incredible. We ride from one National Forest into another, through wide open plains with the mountains climbing up on either side. The deer are everywhere, bald eagles on the Salmon River, big horn sheep. This land is like land I’ve never experienced, more wild than it is inhabited. The towns and human encampments are few and far between. And, although some days I’m cursing it when the wind is keeping our pace at 8mph or the next mountain pass rises up ahead of us, it is amazing to be here and some part of me feels good about having to work for the right to see this land.