Here is a selection of things that helped us along the way


Just Ride: A Radically Practical Guide to Riding Your Bike –¬†Grant Petersen
Written by the owner of Rivendell Bicycle Works.


Travelling Two
A travel blog written by a couple who have bike toured all over the world. This blog gave us great ideas for everything from the gear we took to the way we planned our routes and where to stay.

Crazy Guy on a Bike
A bike touring travel blog that hosts articles from many different authors. Some pieces of our New Orleans loop were inspired by this article by Don Weinell

since the Southern Tier route surpasses New Orleans altogether.

Steve’s Site
Simple name; great resource for maps and GPS coordinates. We used this as a starting point and built our own route map from here.

Warm Showers
A great resource for bikers that allows you to stay along the way.

The CS community was indispensable while we traveled around Europe and they may just help us out of some interesting situations on our current trip! Consider joining and hosting a traveler coming through your area. Who knows, it may be Claire or Andrew

Honorable Mention

Claire’s father, Kevin
Kevin has been basically more integral to our bike trip than we have been. With his assistance and oversight, we purchased our touring bikes, overhauled them and fixed up most of our gear and accessories. He has been a wealth of knowledge and we still call him to get bits of bike maintenance advice. He has been so excited for our bike tour and all of his hours of work on our bIkes makes us certain that our bikes are more than capable of crossing the US… Twice!

Listen Centers
We got pretty much all of our gear here. From sunglasses to bike shorts to pots and pans to plastic mugs. Support your local thrift stores!

Our Local Bike Shops
Paradise Sports

in Windsor, VT was usually our first stop as it was right in town. The owner, Rich has always been incredibly helpful and has hooked us up with everything from handlebar tape to the boxes we packed our bikes in to get them to North Carolina!
Claremont Cycle Depot in Claremont, NH always had the things we needed in stock. Since we did the majority of the work ourselves, we only needed small things like tubes and grease. But they have a great selection of bike parts and gear and

Tinashe Makura
His song, “Hello” has been the theme to many of our road trips and travels and I’m sure it will be no different on our cross country bike ride.