About Us



I’m a Web Programmer and computer repair tech who is usually living and working in the New England area when I’m not out traveling.

When I’m out traveling, anything goes (I’m talking about strange jumps from Turkey to China interesting). Sure I like to have things in mind when I go on trips, but the more time you have and the more you leave it open; spontaneity can and will rule!

I’m interested in good food, good drinks and good-er company. I dig hanging out with friends and have gone as far as South Korea and the Swiss Alps before to do so.  I always look forward to meeting new people.

Oh, and Claire’s a pretty fun person to hang out with. I like her. And I really like good food!



I’m originally from New England where, when I’m not traveling, I spend most of my time working on farms in rural Vermont. I’m also a dancer and an artist and have had the opportunity to allow both of those interests, as well as other happy twists of fate, to take me traveling and living in many parts of the world; from South East Asia and New Zealand, to Israel and most of Western Europe.

And now I’m out traveling again. But this trip is mostly about the adventure and discovery, the people I’ll meet and places I’ll encounter along the way. It’s about the land and the cultures, about traveling in a new way, by means of the strength of my own body, understanding the journey better that way and seeing where it leads.